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On Saturday, August 26 2017 Floyd “Money” Mayweather will put his undefeated 49-0-0 Boxing record on the line as he will face the only fighter in UFC history to simultaneously hold titles in two weight classes, “The Notorious” Conor McGregor.

While some spectators and fans may view this match as a spectacle along the lines of Rocky Balboa’s exhibition against Thunder Lips, or Muhammad Ali’s 1976 bout against Japanese wrestler Antonio Inoki, there really is no comparison or precedent that parallels what will unfold this Saturday when arguably the greatest defensive boxer of all time will test his untarnished legacy against one the most dangerous strikers around, and who happens to be a mixed martial artist.


With a boxer as great as Floyd Mayweather Jr. coming out of retirement to take on a challenger with zero professional boxing wins on his record, there are many questions and curiosities that wonder how this may be so. There is only one legitimate explanation, and that is money. And a whole lot of it. 

While Mayweather and McGregor may not be equals in the boxing ring, statistically – monetarily, they are the two largest draws in combat sports and Pay-per-view (PPV) history. The financial incentive for all parties involved is tremendous and historic. The UFC stands to make 25% of Conor McGregor’s purse, which should eclipse $100 million. Floyd Mayweather believes his pay day will exceed $300 million. Due to the meteoric rise and popularity of the “Fire Stick” and other similar devices offering access to PPV events without charges, it will be interesting to measure the impact of alternative streaming services on the PPV total number bottomline. Mayweather’s bout with Manny Pacquiao has set the PPV bar incredibly high at 4.6 million buys.

Let’s take a look a each fighter’s last four fights and their respective PPV totals:


vs. Berto $400k
vs. Pacquiao $4.6 mil
vs. Maidana 2 $925k
vs. Maidana 1 $900k


vs. Aldo $1.2 mil
vs. Diaz I $1.6 mil
vs. Diaz II $1.65 mil
vs. Alvarez$1.31 mil

Numbers show that the UFC is closing the gap in it’s ability to generate PPV revenue. Between 2010-2017, Boxing and MMA have both produced eleven events respectively that have had over a million PPV buys. So while some may suggest that this fight is more a spectacle than a true boxing contest, look no further than the bottom line and dollar signs to understand why Floyd Mayweather is coming out of retirement to take on a UFC who is twelve years younger than him. There is no other fighter that can generate the type of numbers that Mayweather and now McGregor produce. {,116485.html}

If Conor McGregor pulls off one of the biggest upsets in sports history and ruins Mayweather’s perfect legacy, in the words of Nate Diaz I won’t be “surprised motherf*ckers”. In beating Mayweather, McGregor will not only be able to successfully cross over into boxing, fight the greatest and win–a McGregor win will allow boxing promoters to pass the torch to a new, younger breadwinner who will be able to make boatloads of money for all parties involved, for the foreseeable future. That is why this is the “Money Fight” and why I am excited to see these two square off and determine who is the best fighter on the planet.

Let’s take a look at the other fights leading up to the historic main event.



Andrew Tabiti (-280) vs. Steve Cunningham (+200)

Current NABF Cruiserweight Champion Andrew “the Beast” Tabiti (14-0, 12 KO’s) will put his title on the line when he faces off against former two time Cruiserweight title holder Steve Cunningham (29-8-1, 13 KO’s). A Mayweather Productions commodity, Tabiti will be cornered by Floyd Mayweather Sr. and at the age of 27, is fourteen years younger than his opponent, Cunningham. I’ll take the younger fighter and current champion Tabiti to get the job done.


Crystal Ball Prediction : Tabiti via Eighth Round KO


Gervonta Davis (-3000) vs Francisco Fonseca (+1100)

IBF Junior Lightweight Champion, and star protege under Floyd Mayweather Jr. Gervonta Davis (18-0-0, 17 KO’s) is currently riding a nine fight consecutive knockout streak. The youngest world champion in boxing will enter the ring as an enormous 30-1 favorite. His opponent, Costa Rican Francisco Fonseca (19-0-1, 12 KO’s) will be making his US boxing debut and has knocked out his last three opponents. I expect Davis to put on a highlight reel performance, extending his current consecutive knockout streak to ten.


Crystal Ball Prediction : Davis via Fourth Round KO


Badou Jack (-450) vs Nathan Cleverly (+325)

Another member of the Mayweather’s Money Team, “The Ripper” Badou Jack (21-1-2,12 KO’s) will be moving up in weight to challenge current WBA Light Heavyweight Champion Nathan Cleverly (30-3-0, 16 KO’s). This will mark Badou Jack’s first bout at Light Heavyweight, a move up in weight Jack looked forward to making following his last fight with James DeGale, which resulted in a Draw. Nathan Cleverly is happy to welcome Jack to Light Heavyweight, and is confident heading into this contest after back to back successful title defenses. This should be a good scrap, that I believe will end with the WBA Light Heavyweight belt changing hands, as Jack earns the victory by decision.


Crystal Ball Prediction : Jack via unanimous decision


Mayweather vs McGregor

Mayweather vs. McGregor, Maxim


Floyd Mayweather Jr. (-400) vs. Conor McGregor (+300)

The biggest fight of the year, and perhaps all time, is finally here. Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr., heralded as may as the best of an era, and perhaps the greatest defensive boxer of all time has decided to come out of retirement, leave the gentlemen’s club and head back to the gym for one last fight, to achieve the historic 50-0 record, against a boxing amateur, who happens to also be an MMA fighter, and a good one at that. He is Conor McGregor. The only fighter in UFC history to simultaneously hold Championship belts in two weight classes.

McGregor’s dashing personality and fearless charisma have blessed the young Irishman and recent father with the opportunity to change his family’s life forever and shock the world all at once. Besides having a brilliant business acumen at such a young age to recognize his monetary value, McGregor possesses devastating fighting skills. His obsession with fighting and movement has cultivated a superstar which we have rarely seen. I’d be hard pressed to suggest another fight exists on this planet with a larger fanbase and following.

McGregor sells tickets and PPV buys and that I believe is the principle reason that this fight is happening. Floyd Mayweather is a tremendous businessman and can see all he has to gain from promoting and participating on a fight of this scale against Conor McGregor, despite all the criticism and what many believe is an opportunity for McGregor to fight the best in boxing, that is unwarranted as he has no professional boxing record.

And yes, it is crazy.

But when boatloads of money are there to be made, you can count on Floyd Mayweather, Dana White, McGregor and company to make it happen. The UFC has become mainstream and has been delivering in a big way, evidenced by years sale for 4.3 billion dollars. As a money sport, the gap between boxing and MMA has shrunk over the last 25 years, and considerably so since 2010. Since 2010, boxing and MMA have the same number of events (11) that has sold one million or greater PPV buys. I believe that statistic speaks volumes as to why this sporting event will take place this Saturday.

No you can call me crazy. Go ahead. I understand. But I believe that the higher ups in boxing have to be praying for a godsend, a superstar who will generate the kind of constant revenue and fill the coffers, while they sit back and watch. A McGregor win has plenty of positive ramifications and little in terms of him losing. Critics of Mayweather have said he cherry picks his opponents, and he has cherry picked McGregor with the chance to improve to 50-0 and make an estimated $300 million for Mayweather.

The forty year old Mayweather will most likely never fight again, due to his age and brittle hands. (Unless to fight in an even more lucrative future rematch) But will it come back to bite Floyd in the ass and tarnish his legacy? We shall see. Badou Jack, a member the TMT (the Money Team) has said Floyd hasn’t trained in two years. On Showtime’s All Access Mayweather vs McGregor, there is no footage on Floyd training for a fight. None. Money Mayweather prefers to spend a lot of his time at his gentleman’s club “the Girl Collection” in Las Vegas.

In conclusion, one of Boxing’s all time greats should be more than a 4-1 favorite against someone making their professional debut. While the original odds opened higher, they have continued to go down in favor of money coming in on McGregor to where they currently rest:

Floyd Mayweather Jr. -400
Conor McGregor +300


As someone who has believed in McGregor’s unique skill set and determination to succeed, and who has traveled to the TD Garden in Boston and to Madison Square Garden to see “the Notorious” Conor McGregor fight, I believe on Saturday night that McGregor will not be just in the ring to take part, he will there to takeover!! “And I’d like to take this opportunity to apologize to absolutely nobody!” 


Crystal Ball Prediction : McGregor Sixth Round KO


Please share with us all your thoughts on the Money Fight and our picks and predictions. Enjoy the fights fans!!

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